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Yaiba Saya

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[16 Oct 2009|11:15pm]
I like doing these because I actually learn a bit about myself in the process.

1. If you're on my friends list, I want to know 35 things about you. I don't care if we never talk, or if we already know everything about each other. Short and sweet is fine.
2. Comment here with your answers and repost the questionnaire on your own journal.

01) Are you currently in a serious relationship?

02) Have you ever been in love?
Yes. It was a very painful time =_=

03) What talent do you wish you had?
Hmm I've always wished I had a photographic memory

04) Is there a moment in any tv show/film that touches you and makes you cry, no matter how many times you watch it?
This is embrassing to admit but in the anime Fruits Basket I always tear up when tohru asks Kyo to come back home even though hes turned into a monster and she gets physically ill at the sight of him. A touching metaphor for being able to accept a person despite knowing their darkest secret.

05) Favorite bands/artists?
just look here... http://www.last.fm/user/Yai

06) What was the last book you read?
Technically 'Akuma To love Song' but besides Manga I last read 'Alice in Worderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass' because I'd never actually read them before.

07) When is your birthday?
June 9th

08) Any Tattoos and/or Piercings? Explain where.
Nope but I'll probably get a Yin Yang themed tat eventually

09) Worst Habit?
Only speaks when spoken too.

10) If you could only watch one tv channel for the rest of your life, what would it be?
The Discovery Channel

11) Explain your typical weekend:
Random. From most to least likely. Sitting at the computer, Chilling at friends house, going to the movies, going to a house party, going out to the club, hoka bar, bowling, etc.

12) Do you have a Pessimistic or Optimistic attitude?
I'm a hopeless optimist.

13) Would you rather take a plane or go on a road trip?
Both are great. Planes gives you more time at your destination but awesome stuff happens on road trips.

14) Have you ever been to a wedding or a funeral?
Never a funeral and I probably won't ever. I just want to remember a person how they are when they're alive.

15) Tell me one weird fact about you:
I read way too much shoujo manga to say I'm a guy

16) Do you have any pets?

17) What if I showed up at your house unexpectedly?
I'd invite you in?

18) What was your first impression of me?
I'm not writing this directly to anyone so SKIP!

19) How important is your family to you?
Very important but I had to get away from them. Now I'm a bit too far away and rarely get to see them.

20) If you could change one thing about how you look, what would it be?
I'd probably want regular ears. My ears are funky from an accident when I was young.

21) Is there anyone you'd go gay for?
Tom Hanks

22) What color eyes do you have?
Dark Brown

23) Ever been arrested?

24) Have you ever done something you had previously sworn to yourself you'd never do?
I don't think there anything I've seriously sworn not to do. You should try everything at least twice (Within reason of course.)

25) If you won $10,000 today, what would you do with it?
Get a car.

26) What's your favorite place to hang out at?
in the livingroom

27) Do you believe in ghosts?
Yes but I've never seen one.

28) Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

29) Do you swear a lot?
Not a lot

30) Biggest pet peeve?

31) In one word, how would you describe yourself?

32) Do you believe/appreciate romance?
Yes (Do people answer no to this?)

33) You can only go to one fast food establishment for the next year, which one is it?
Sonic! I can't live without slushies!

34) Do you believe in God?

35) Will you repost this so I can fill it out and do the same for you?
Doesn't this question answer itself?
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[11 Jun 2009|03:11pm]
Anyone who plays CoH/CoV want to send me a reactivation referral? I'm thinking of playing again and someone might as well get something for me reactivating.
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[15 Jan 2009|01:46am]
Decided to do this anime meme since I've been watching anime a lot lately. BTW to list them... Currently watching in order of favorite; Code Geass, Casshern Sins, Tora Dora!, Michiko to Hatchin, To Aru Majutsu no Index, Kemeko Deluxe, Today in Class 5-2 and MAcademy Wasshoi. Before that; Honey and Clover, Kaiba, Lucky Star, Gurren Lagann, Soul Eater, School Days, and Zero no Tsukaima.

meme behind cutCollapse )
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Shrug [20 Nov 2008|09:16pm]
I give up on figuring what prompts me to post here or what causes my hiatuses but here we go...Collapse )
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[14 Oct 2008|02:47am]
From Tegaki

LG Dare & Jack

Okay maybe I'm a little obsessed with my phone. *goes back to work on Dare shrine*
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LG Dare [12 Oct 2008|09:52pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]

So I might have mentioned quite a few posts back that my phone was broken. Well more like crippled since only the inside screen was broken. I could still use it but couldn't send or receive texts because of the screen. Unfortunately The phone was a couple of weeks out of warranty and I wasn't eligible for an upgrade until March. So I suffered with the phone for quite some time. After hearing my mom complain about her phone for so long I decided to do a family plan and go ahead and get my shiny new phone while I was at it.

I almost went with the Alias again. The phone had some nice features that I liked. The dual flip design allowed me to have a full qwerty key pad yet still use the phone for calls and not look like I'm talking into a box. Web and the standard V-Cast video and TV access, although I never needed or wanted to use it, and Mobile IM which I liked and used often. Ultimately though I didn't want to go through the same issue and have the phone go out on me again.

So, what phone did I get? if you haven't guessed from the title I pity you I got the LG Dare. You might be thinking, Yai why didn't you just go for an iPhone?" I'd respond, "Stop thinking out loud." I agree the iPhone is nice but both have they're pros and cons for what I want in a phone, which I'll go into later. The biggest con would be that I'm still under contract with Verizon so I'd prefer not to have two wireless bills.

TL;DR It has lots of features!!!1elevenCollapse )

To tell the truth I wasn't really expecting much out of this phone. My main criteria was that the touch screen be responsive and I be able to send text and make calls. The Dare of course did that and so much more. It showed me that there's more to a touch screen than just eliminating buttons. Smooth navigation, effortless image editing, and even drawing is possible. Imagine whipping out my cellphone to sketch out an idea before it disappears into the ether. Insanity. Then to give me a kick ass MP3 player to boot? I think I'm in love.

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Writer's Block: Eat Your Vegetables [07 Oct 2008|02:39am]
The fall harvest is showing up in markets now, including many of the green vegetables children find so disgusting and yet are forced to eat. What is the most disgusting thing you’ve eaten, either by choice or against your will?
To tell you the truth I have a cast iron stomach so not much phases me but I'll recount one quirp. For a Japanese 101 class our teacher decided to bring us to a Japanese restaurant to immerse us in Japanese culture or something. So we sit down to the meal and they serve us miso soup to start. I take a sip and I shit you not I had the most vile guttural reaction to it. My taste buds cursed my very existence for what I was exposing them to. I nearly threw up over the entire table. Somehow I managed to stifle the need to spew and choked down the soup. I don't even think anyone noticed my near mishap. The soup didn't seem to bother anyone else and the rest of the meal was quite tasty. I've never had a problem with miso soup after and I rather like most Japanese cuisine. It's the strangest thing ever. Now squid is one exception. It just has the weirdest texture. I'm fine at first but the longer I chew it the more disgusted I get. Luckily I know what Natto is and haven't fallen for the "try it" trap.
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Floor tastes funny. [04 Oct 2008|09:19pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

OMFG hilarious! I act pretty normal around strangers but sadly that is how I act around my close friends. Pray I never call you friend :P
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Filler Episode [21 Sep 2008|02:14am]
[ mood | geeky ]


The shoes of spoke of in my last post.

Other filler including the infamous picture memeCollapse )
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Capentry at its finest! [16 Sep 2008|11:31pm]
I seriously loved making furniture. WTF have you done to me Final Fantasy!?Collapse )
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[16 Sep 2008|01:32am]
Just ramblingCollapse )

P.S. I bought a pair of black converse today. I <3 them. I actually bought two other pairs of shoes earlier the week. Some plain Vans and some 'distressed' plaid Levi's (I don't know they seemed like a good idea at the time.)

P.P.S. I've been told I look like a dork, when wearing the black converse, by a friend that hasn't even seen me in then yet. o_O
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Computer problems [09 Sep 2008|12:44am]
Long post is long...Collapse )

actually it isn't that long.
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[29 Aug 2008|01:07pm]
In an effort to learn to cook more I finally got around to making the curry I've been threating to make for a while. Unfortunetly it turned out more like curry paste than a sauce. It was about the consistancey of Mashed potatoes. It still tasted great though. I guess I just boiled the potatoes too long. I'll experiment with when I add the vegetables to the boil and making the curry from scratch instead of the pre-made curry stuff.

TL;DR = Franken Fran brainfucked me.Collapse )
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question for the ages... [24 Aug 2008|04:45am]
Why is Denny's so much better after a party?
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[22 Aug 2008|11:13pm]
I finally got Trillian set-up again after... God knows how long. Not that I was really an active IM'er before but it good to have the option. I even somehow found my old ICQ # and password. Fucking I. C. Q... I've already been made fun of for still using ICQ :P All my oldschool IRL friend use it so it was a must have. Even bumped in to people I haven't talked to in ages so that was pretty cool.

I've been threating to make Curry lately. I don't have a couple of ingredients the recipe calls for so I've been holding off. Since I've never made it before I should probably just go ahead and make it sans the ingredient I don't have just to get try it out. I've always wanted to cook more but I'm lazy about grocery shopping so I usually get easy to make stuff. Last time I went shopping I went all out with getting seasons at least I won't feel so intimidate when recipes ask for seasons I didn't have before. I just wish there was an Asian market around for the more exotic dishes I'd like to try. I guess I should start small anyway.... hmmm maybe I'll go vegetarian.
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[21 Aug 2008|05:21pm]
Its been kind of boring lately...

no offense to you.
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[05 Aug 2008|11:03pm]
My cell phone died a couple days ago. Well it 'half' died. I have a Samsung u740 (now called the Alias) and the inside screen is broken but the outside one works fine. At least with the outside screen I can see who is calling. I can even dial out and dial my contacts by using the voice dialing. What I can't do is answer my text messages. Of course thats when everyone starts texting me like crazy. Ended up being invited to three parties the day after it broke. The first I went to because I put her up to having the party. It was pretty awesome but I feel bad because the party went from a simple kick-back into some unstoppable party of doom. I had to act as a bouncer for a while and stop people at the door at one point. Ended up staying til 5 in the morning and helping her clean up after. The second party I knew about but wasn't sure if I was going. It was a lingerie party which sounds fun but I'm shy and all. Heard the cops showed up anyway. The girl having the lingerie party texted me a couple time and she probably would have guilted me into going if I could have answered the texts. The third a friend was texting me about but I didn't find out til later. I also ended up going to another party the next day though. That one wasn't nearly as fun. Ended up being a lot of drama. And of course one of the people involved was riding with me.

Just skip straight to the emo!Collapse )
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[30 Jul 2008|11:42pm]
I didn't go to a friend's party so I could watch anime! Well not really but thats what I ended up doing instead. Like I said last post I was getting a little burned out and needed some 'me' time. But now I think he's a bit pissed at me. He drunkenly called me that night and asked what I was up to. I gave my excuses but he was only half listening to me when he had to go answer the door. So I have no idea what I'll be in store for next time I see him. Kind of sad I didn't go because a couple people showed up that I wish I'd gotten to see. Kind of glad I didn't because I was actually functional today and was able to clean up a bit, which was desperately needed, and even sketched a bit.

Ah btw the anime I was watching was Honey and Clover. Loving it so far. I don't know what it is with me and shoujo anime but whatever I can watch what I want! It has the weirdest opening I've ever seen though. It has to be seen...

Hahaha I want panties cake!
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[28 Jul 2008|12:11am]
Saturday night party for my coworker Nick's birthday. 10pm Nick and I arrive. We start to drink. Two hours later he is passed out on the back lawn. To his defense he was the birthday boy so we made him drink constantly. After puking and rolling around on the lawn for a while we carried him upstairs to sleep it off. I feel guilty he missed the bulk of his birthday party it was pretty fun after all. He failed to mention to me and most of the party-goers that there would be a pool. So underwear swimming commenced. Lots of drinking and dancing and I managed not to get drunk and disorderly. The guy that was floating passed out in the pool last party made a reappearance and repeat performance. Ended up spending the night since my ride was aforementioned B-day boy who was passed out for the night. I alway end up being the baby sitter at the end of the night. I was up 5am, 2 hours after the party ended, making sure people filed out and where either sober or spending the night. Even the guy that owned the house we were partying in went to sleep before me. Good times though. Still I'm starting to want to relax at home more often. Don't want to slip back into anti-social tendencies but I need to find a good balance.
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[24 Jul 2008|12:29am]
The other night was pretty awesome. I haven't been bowling in years. And from the way I played you could tell. Surprisingly it is nothing like Wii Sports :P I still managed to win a couple of times... I think. We weren't really strict with the whole whose turn is it to bowl thing. After bowling we went raced to a friends house to finish the birthday activities. I managed not to get drunk but I did crushed a girls foot. Not really but I did step on a foot she had surgery on a while ago. Yeah that was fun times. So racing happened, stripper dancing was done, people were thrown in pools, and other drunken fun was had. I think this was a successful birthday party.
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